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@Those of Us Who Tweet

Now that Twitter has become the next “It” thing, I feel the need to profess that I joined in July 2008, way before it was cute. Lately though, all kinds of people have been making twitter useful (and not just Oprah and Ashton Kutcher).

In particular, writers and poets have really developed a knack for twitter. I argue it’s because 140 characters means you have to be concise and clever. Recently, Mashable posted a list of the 100 “Best” Authors on Twitter. The problem is that they left out poets entirely. Fortunately,  Collin Kelley posted a list of poets who tweet. It’s been quite a hit. All kinds of poets have been coming out of the woodwork and getting in touch with one another.

With that being said, I wanted to mention that Collin Kelley and Didi Menendez are co-editing a special issue of OCHO that features work by poets from his list. (I’m on there!) If you are on the list as well, go here for more info.

Needless to say, this is just another example of how the internet is changing what it means to be a published poet in 2009. Crazy, huh?



I’m From Driftwood… Er, Memphis…

Nathan Manske, a Texas native, recently created a website called I’m From Driftwood. The site has a very simple premise. In his own words, it features “stories from gay people all over the world.” Each entry starts with the person’s name and where they are from. Usually, the stories are presented in the written form, but lately Nathan has started collecting video stories. It’s a great project and you should go here to find out more if you’re interested.

Recently, Nathan interviewed me for one of his video stories. And here it is:

My memoir.. in six words.

“Illegal in at least five states.”

That’s mine. What’s yours?

Scholarship Opportunity for LGBT High School Students via Limp Wrist Magazine.

As many of you know, in April 2008, I started an online magazine called Limp Wrist, and I am proud to promote Limp Wrist as an e-zine with queer sensibility. I am also proud to announce that Limp Wrist is offering a small scholarship to a LGBT High School Junior or Senior via a poetry contest.  Even more exciting than the small scholarship is that the scholarship recipient wins a spot at the 2009 Juniper Summer Writing Institute.  A huge thanks to the talented Dara Wier for making Juniper possible.

~ NO entry fee required.
~ Student must identify as a member of the LGBT community.
~ Student must be a high school junior or senior for the 2008-2009 school year.
~ Only one poem of no more than 75 lines may be submitted in the body of an email. The poem should be submitted to, and the subject line must read “LW Sholarship” with the student’s first and last name.
~ The poem submitted should not be a previously published work or have won a previous contest.
~ The email must include the following statement: “The poem submitted is my own original work and has not been previously published.”
~ The submission email must also include the student’s name, mailing address, school name, and name of high school attending.
~ All submissions must be received by 1/31/09.

As mentioned above, the winner of the poetry contest will receive $150 and a spot at the 2009 Juniper Summer Writing Institute.  Airfare to and from the ’09 Juniper Summer Writing Institute is also covered by Limp Wrist.

Dr. Beth Gylys will serve as the inaugural judge. Dr. Gylys’s work has been published in numerous magazines/journals (including Limp Wrist), anthologies, and she has received a mention in Drury’s POETRY DICTIONARY as well authored two award winning poetry collections: SPOT IN THE DARK and BODIES THAT HUM.

All this isn’t possible without out a price– if anyone is interested in donating please click here for more information on how to make a tax-deductible donation.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or comments.

Thank you for your time.

Dustin Brookshire
Founder & Editor of Limp Wrist

Submission Opportunity: Calling all black poets

Rattle, a pretty hip poetry magazine, has a theme/tribute for each issue. For Summer 2009, the theme will be African American Poets. They are accepting submissions on February 2009. Here’s a quote from their website:

Every issue of RATTLE gathers poems from a specific ethnic, vocational, or social group, comprising a special section of about 20 pages. We’re currently seeking submissions from African-American poets for our Summer 2009 issue. We’re also seeking essays on the history and/or current state of African-American poetry. For more information and to learn how to submit, see our call for submissions page.

Obviously, you need to take advantage of this opportunity to get your work published. Make it happen, ya’ll.

Duotrope: A New Writer’s Best Friend

Last year, I was sitting in a writing workshop and another student mentioned something called Duotrope. I thought she was talking about a book of poetry or perhaps a rock band. She calmly explained that Duotrope was the best thing since Obama. For all you writers who still lug around your copies of Writer’s Market, this website (turns out it’s not a rock band) is a database of literary magazines looking for submissions. You can search for key terms (like – mythology or women’s poetry, for example). You can see what magazines pay for accepted work as well as which ones take the longest to respond. Needless to say, Duotrope makes the writer’s life a little bit easier. Check it out here and get you some knowledge.

Also, it’s free – FREE – but once you see how amazing it is, you will probably want to give the website a small donation. It’s just that good.