I’m Keeping a Reading Diary

Recently, after I complained about my less than admirable eating habits, a friend suggested that I keep a diary of what I eat. The idea is that the process of recording my meals would allow me to become more conscious of what I’m taking in and, presumably, push me toward better eating habits. This is a great idea.

I’m not doing it.

Instead though, I’ve decided to keep a Reader’s Diary  of the various poems, essays, news articles, book chapters and blog posts I consume on a daily basis. Sure, I could use Good Reads, but the thought of joining one more social network is just more than I can take. I don’t know if keeping this diary will make me read “better,” but – at a minimum – it will be interesting to see if, in retrospect, I’ll be able to identify direct connections between what I read and what I eventually write. I’ll try to provide links to what I’ve read when possible.

The individual diary entries will initially appear as blog posts, then appear on the “Reader’s Diary” page as a kind of archive. I’m excited! Are you excited? I mean, it’s okay if you’re not excited, but – honestly – you probably should be.

Day 1: March 25, 2012


3 responses to “I’m Keeping a Reading Diary

  1. i’m *kinda* tempted to do this, to hold myself more accountable. but then again, maybe not. o_O lol

  2. I’m very excited…and inspired to do the same. I can also second your friend’s recommendations. The eating diary does wonders for your awareness. 🙂

  3. I do this already with the books I read, but I’ve never thought about trying it on a poem by article by story basis!

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