But I Remember The Song…

by Sean Edward Whelan

I wonder what Reginald Shepherd would have had to say about the sky over New York this first December morning, and if Tory Dent would decide to sleep in, shoving the alarm clock off the night stand, and if Joe Brainard would be at work on another collage, and who would Essex Hemphill wake up beside this morning, and where is Assotto Saint, and where is Melvin Dixon, and where is Thomas Avena, and where is Donald Britton, and where is Tim Dlugos, and where is Jaime Gil de Biedma, and where is Leland Hickman and where and where…

With a grateful nod to Philip Clark & David Groff’s Persistent Voices (Poetry by Writers Lost to AIDS), I will be tweeting links to work by these voices today, December 1, World AIDS Day.


One response to “But I Remember The Song…

  1. scouring the intertubes for poetry and fiction blogs, as in, like, blogs filled with splendid snippets for the moments, my moments at least, between the knifings of inspiration. but all I can find are blogs by poets and writers discussing their trade. i suppose it comes down to a copyright issue? does anyone post their work? is it only the amateurs, the newbies like me with only a few meager creds, who whore for attention and feedback? i must be missing something….

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