Words to Write By: Anne Lamott

by Kris Lewis

 Telling these truths is your job. You have nothing else to tell us. But needless to say, you can’t tell them in a sentence or a paragraph; the truth doesn’t come out in bumper stickers. There may be a flickering moment of insight in a one-liner, in a sound bite, but everyday meat-and-potato truth is beyond our ability to capture in a few words. Your whole piece is the truth, not just one shining epigrammatic moment in it. There will need to be some kind of unfolding in order to contain it, and there will need to be layers. We are dealing with the ineffable here — we’re out there somewhere between the known and the unknown, trying to reel in both for a closer look. This is why it may take a whole book.

from Bird by Bird


4 responses to “Words to Write By: Anne Lamott

  1. I’ve still only read the first couple of chapters of this book. Thanks for the nudge to continue. Continue reading and writing that is.

  2. I’m 3/4 of the way through the book myself. It’s so helpful; Lamott’s prose is straightforward (in the best sense of the word), humorous and insightful. Great (and necessary) read.

  3. I enjoyed this.

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