Monthly Archives: June 2011

from “Kingdom of Trick, Kingdom of Drug”

by Inka Essenhigh

In bed, we keep combat boots on, scrape our shins
climbing each other – which is to say: I dream I’ve dragged a tree
into bed with me. Bark against my back, roots
poking out from beneath the sheets like feet. Each hour,
another season. It pushes cherry blossoms against my closed eyes,
then just as soon burns red leaves like autumn.

Read the rest of the poem over at Connotation Press.



Getting Wilde @ LouderARTS

by Sebastien Erome

On Monday, June 20th I’ll be joining the stage at LouderARTS with Alex Dimotrov, Dante Micheaux & Angelo Nikolopoulos to read poems, celebrate Pride Month here in New York City. Each of the these poets is devastatingly attentive to the way in which beauty and loss can lace a poem… you won’t be disappointed.

Go here for more details.