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A “Prayer” Poem, A “Quit What You’re Doing” Poem…

Even if, like me, you didn’t write a poem each day for the entire month of April, all is not lost. In addition to organizing an annual Poem-A-Day Challenge every April, Robert Lee Brewer has amassed a wealth of writing prompts. For the full list, go here but I’ve included some of my favorite prompts below:
And remember: “prompts” are just beginnings. Let them get your poem started and then let your poem veer into its own truth.

Toni Morrison Reads From Novel-In-Progress

by Hyun Ju Park

Last night, I took a group of my high school students to see Toni Morrison read at Rutgers University — Newark to and the audiences surprise, she read from a novel-in-progress. I simply can’t capture the electricity in the room and the joy (Morrison has a great sense of humor in addition to sharp insight) but suffice to say everyone gasped when she concluded her except with the following sentence:

“The two men shook hands and held eyes, as if goodbye meant what it once did: God be with you.”

What Will the Neighbors Say?!

by Ian Francis

This Wednesday, 4/27, I will join Tyehimba Jess, Mazz Muse & Geoff Trenchard to read at the first installment of The Gaslight Salon‘s new series “What Will the Neighbors Say?!” Here’s an explanation of the series from Lynne Procope, the salon’s curator:

 The idea behind the series is a return to the artistic and creative energy that made the West Village popular before it was a real estate destination but the core goal is to simultaneously celebrate the wide variety of ways that art is being made/transmitted/translated and experienced in the 21st century.  The name comes from the original venue at that address, the famous Gaslight Cafe, where Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Bill Cosby all took the stage at early points in their careers.
Again, I think you know all of us but just so it’s clear, the curators of the series come from poetry, fiction, transmedia and comedy/satire and we’re looking for a way to bring the history and the future together for this generation of audience. We hope to bring our audiences back to that kind of old school art crowd feel where the audience comes with the particular intent of listening to what’s happening on stage while the artists come for the opportunity to experiment and push their boundaries where possible.  Eventually we hope to build a community of artists who will feel comfortable taking the stage at any of our shows whenever they have an urge to push their own envelope.

It looks like it’s going to be quite a night and IT’S FREE (and comes with two-for-one drinks.) I’d love to see you there, so here are the details:

Where: 116 McDougal (between Bleeker & Great Jones St)

When: Wednesday, 4/27 —  Doors open at 6:30 & show time at 7:00

Why: Because you love poetry & love pissing off your neighbors.