Radio Silence

by Kim Anno

Sorry for the silence, so to speak. In a world other than this one, I’d update this blog regularly every two or three days. In that very same world, there’d be an antique chandelier above my bed & a vase of fresh orchids in my kitchen. We’ll get there one day, I’m sure.

In the meantime, though, the mental space in which I’m able to write thoughtful blog post is the same space in which I’m able to write & revise poems. One of the realities of my life as a new high school teacher is the limited amount of time I have to be in that particular space, so I have to make a choice: write a blogpost about the writing process or write.

I will say, though, that I have poems forthcoming in West Branch, Jubilat & Emerson Review. And the chapbook (slated for release in November of this year) is well on its way thanks to Bryan Borland’s amazing work at Sibling Rivalry Press.

Until next time, write on.


3 responses to “Radio Silence

  1. Congrats – those are great mags!

  2. Those are some serious magazines! Congratulations on your forthcoming work.

  3. Big congrats on the forthcoming work.

    My spouse is a high school teacher and I certainly know the workload in the first few years can be overwhelming. Not sure if this is any consolation, but it does get easier with experience. No need to explain choosing writing poems over writing the blog. Just happy to know you’re out there writing.

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