The Wedding Dress In the Dream Signifies…

by Margaret Bowland

Apparently, a wedding dress in a dream means that emotional harmony has been restored… which is to say, that after my first four weeks of teaching 9th & 12th grade English, I’ve gotten to the place where I can happily do my job & still make time to read (a few) poems, jot down notes in my journal, and update my blog.

I’ve missed you.

Fortunately, my poetry has been doing a bit of the work for me. In the last few weeks, two of my poems have appeared in Esque alongside work from Franz Wright, Cole Swenson, and Evie Shockley.

Also some of my poetry has been accepted for publication in LineBreak as well as Weave Magazine. I’ll let you know when those issues are available for you perusal.


3 responses to “The Wedding Dress In the Dream Signifies…

  1. Glad to hear you’re back to the poetry. In other news, that painting is absolutely stunning in every way and detail. I can see you’ve inspired me to do a fair bit of art/ist research this evening.

  2. I read your poem Mary Magdalene a while ago (I think in Adirondack Review) and occasionally check the internet for anything you may have written because I think that poem was so strong, brevity and passion both.
    Saw your contribution to Word Riot today. Both poems were excellent (especially Sleeping Arrangement.) You seem to say a lot in a few words. 99% of what I read of modern poetry is workshop dross or MFA doodling. You’re in the 1%. Keep up the good work!

  3. Awesome news! Great journals.

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