My poem “Deepwater” is now available to read at Poets For Living Waters. And here’s my statement of conscience:

In Nicherin Buddhism, which I practice, there’s a concept called “esho funi” which means “oneness of self and environment.” What happens in our environment is a reflection of what is happening within us – individually and collectively. The destruction we have created in the Gulf, I believe, is a manifestation of a deeper malaise: a tendency toward self-destruction; why else would we continually disrespect and destroy an ecosystem that is so crucial to us? Saving the Gulf (in every sense of that phrase) is not only about preserving the integrity of the natural environment, but about saving ourselves. One transformation cannot and will not happen without the other.


2 responses to “Deepwater

  1. Lovely poem Saeed and such a great project.

  2. Keishun Lefebvre

    Interesting poem. I’m also interested to find you’re a Nichiren Buddhist. The even stranger thing is that I’m also queer. I am studying under Nichiren Shu to become a priest, and I’m a poet. Crazy parallels. I’ll try and see you at the show this next week.

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