by Jeff Bark

Kudzu by Saeed Jones

I won’t be forgiven

for what I’ve made

of myself.

Soil recoils

from my hooked kisses.

Pines turn their backs

on me. They know

what I can do

with the wrap of my legs.

Each summer,

when the air becomes crowded

with want, I set all my tongues

upon you.

To quiet this body,

you must answer

my tendrilled craving.

All I’ve ever wanted

was to kiss crevices, pry them open,

and flourish within dew-slick


How you mistake

my affection.

And if I ever strangled sparrows,

it was only because I dreamed

of better songs.

(This poem originally appeared in the March 2010 issue of Ganymede, edited by the late John Stahle.)


4 responses to “Kudzu

  1. Beautiful, powerful, and sorrowful all at once. My favorite line has got to be “what I can do / with the wrap of my legs.”

  2. I particularly love the way this ends and I love the adamant mystery of the voice.

  3. So sexy and lush. Those last three lines are killer!

  4. “how you mistake my affection”, is such a clever seduction. really enjoyed reading this.

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