Elegy For Oscar Grant: A Found Poem

by Kehinde Wiley

In a painting that no longer exists // One boy kissed into bliss
by myth, who can’t remember
// to see as beautiful what I thought would destroy me.

In a painting no longer // Maybe he was too calm during the taunts of the police. // “If you were smoke,” he said, “you’d be the smoke that rages from a forest fire, close and wild and dangerous.”

He is the thing that happens only once // His name wasn’t even a word. // Let him go.

6 responses to “Elegy For Oscar Grant: A Found Poem

  1. Great work. As more literature and scholarship moves into online venues the hyperlink as a device will be interesting to explore. I applaud the effort. Adds so many more layers to the poem.

  2. nikola1tesla

    Beautiful poem– Love the associated poem links tacked on to the words “found.”

  3. i love that more people are tying hyperlinks along with their poetry posts. good work!

  4. Bryan Borland

    So good it hurts. Maybe the best hyperlinked poem I’ve read, compounded by how the links can stand (and fascinate) on their own.

  5. Wow, that’s very creative! You are brilliant! I look forward to doing the writing prompt. Thanks for inspiring me.

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