Writing Prompt: There’s No Place Called Home

by Jennifer Zwick

This week’s writing prompt is about the places we love & then leave. For me, The South is really a ghost of home that I longingly (and sometimes begrudgingly) write about. Use this prompt as opportunities to re-live & revise the idea of home, place, and origin.

Write a three-sectioned poem about your place/town of origin (however you choose to define it.)

In the first section, describe how you saw your hometown the day you left it for good. What was the image your eyes rested on before you got into your car & turned on the image? What did you notice just before you crossed the stateline or saw the sign that said “Lewisville, Texas Population: 84,499”?

In the second section, describe the first time you dreamed about your hometown after leaving it. You may have to get creative here and take some liberties. (Actually, I encourage you to take some liberties.)

In the third section, describe a part of your hometown that you find yourself craving or missing the most. There’s a tree in the park next to my mother’s old apartment that I find myself thinking about more often than I like to admit. What hometown image/item do you (surprisingly) miss the most?


One response to “Writing Prompt: There’s No Place Called Home

  1. jessiecarty

    oh this is a great idea! i’ve written a lot about where i grew up but no longer live but I haven’t approached these particular topics. The one about last thing I saw is really intriguing me right now!

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