For That Reason

“I never planned to be a writer. I was in a place where there was nobody I could talk to and have a real conversation with. And I think I was also very unhappy. So I wrote then, for that reason. And then, after I had published, it was sort of a compulsive thing because it was a way of knowing, a way of thinking that I found really necessary.”  – Toni Morrison, 1978


3 responses to “For That Reason

  1. love this quote. i think that really relates to why i started reading because i needed a place where i could connect with people.

  2. what most inspires me is from an interview she did after she won the nobel prize in literature where she said, if there exists a story that you haven’t found yet, then it needs to be told. i paraphrase of course. that’s why i write…because i have read a lot..i am a book junkie…and yet i keep looking for this story and can’t find it anywhere.


  3. oh p.s.
    just found you via twitter. someone retweeted what you had posted i suppose. 🙂 love the wild wild web out there!

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