After Life There Must Be Life.

by Ryan Browning

* Brian Turner, an excellent poet and Iraq War veteran, talks about the process of writing poems while in a combat zone. I find his thoughts on the integrity of lines in poems to be especially helpful.

* If you’re absolutely sick of Winter, feel free to commiserate with Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz by reading her poem “Choke”.

* As you might know, I’m really interested in discussions about class and poetry, Sina Queryas appears to be mulling this subject over as well.

*Designer Alexander McQueen has committed suicide and so I offer a poem “After the Grand Perhaps” by Lucie Brock Broido which concludes: “After life there must be life.”


One response to “After Life There Must Be Life.

  1. It’s interesting that decided to talk about the war-time poetry. I just an article in the NYT, and had a conversation with someone on Twitter, about how the current wars have failed to spawn lit like WWII or the Vietnam War.

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