Sometimes white supremacists read my blog.

photo by Christian Hansen

What I’m about to say has nothing to do with the above photograph. The photograph is beautiful. The horse has turned its back on us. That’s all we need to know.

The play I saw a few weeks ago by David Mamet is not about horse races. It’s about race in the way most Americans prefer to think about it: black & white people. (Or black vs. white people, for that matter.) How someone can write a play about race in America in 2010 and continue to act like our population consists entirely of black and white people is beyond me. But that’s not what this post is about.

The play starring James Spader, David Alan Grier, and Kerry Washington is about a law firm that agrees to defend a wealthy white man who’s accused of raping a young black woman. Taboos and chaos ensue. The play certainly was entertaining, even thought-provoking in its examination of white guilt. By the end, I felt it had more to do with guilt and shame than one might expect. I liked that. James Spader and David Alan Grier gave brilliant performances. Kerry Washington is really pretty.

And even though I absolutely enjoyed the play (Mamet’s dialogue is poetry), I walked out of the theatre wondering if the play was relevant. I still hadn’t made up my mind until a few days ago when someone posted the following comment on this blog:

How can any fool call this black supremacist kow towing anything but…Yes its propaganda of racism…to kick white ass, kiss black ass, cringe before black racist thugs, swoon before the black criminal who stole the white house?
All you scum who lick up black spittle will soon know what kick ass really is.
So many of us despise, you lying little despots and hypocvritical two-faced extensions of all you claim to be against, hate you even more!
Now the insane racist, black racists, are in charge of the insANE asylum. Each of you deserve the ass kicking you will receive.
Me? I’ll kick YOUR black supremacist commie ass , ideologically and publicly.
Your days of tyranny are numbered .

Bring it on snake!

I’m not quite sure what sparked this person’s outrage aside from the fact that I’m a black person who often talks about poets of color. (Oddly enough, he doesn’t seem bothered by my being gay. I guess racism & homophobia don’t always go hand in hand.) What matters is that this person’s comment has reminded me why I write, why plays like “Race” still serve a purpose, and why I need to continue doing what I do.

And for that, I am grateful. Whoever you are out there, thanks for the pep talk.

I’m going to write now.


9 responses to “Sometimes white supremacists read my blog.

  1. I thought “Song of Solomon” was a tough read, but at least it was coherent and I learned something. My head is reeling from the horrible punctuation and grammar and the abhorrent incoherent flow of thought. This person is a train wreck – and I’m talking about the Amtrak sort with human casualties…

  2. I am a long-time reader of this blog but have never yet commented. I just want to say that that comment was an unpleasant wake-up call for me also – I was shocked that anyone would write such hateful bile on a blog as accepting, relevant and inclusive as this one. However, you response is graceful and correct — and far more level-headed than anything I could have come up with. Thank you for turning this hate into a pause for thought. Keep up your excellent work.

    All best,

  3. I have seen David Mamet’s play RACE several times and always find something new about the play that gives me pause to ponder. I too at first wondered if a play about race was really necessary in a time post Obama’s election…after reading the hateful comment posted to you I now know it is vital to not let this subject be pushed into a corner and forgotten. Those that wish to destroy all the good that has been gained over the last 40 years are not going to stop and will continue to spew forth hatred; the voice of unity and hope going forward cannot be silenced. It must continue to be heard because we have not yet reached the goal of being a colorblind society. I think Mamet is trying to show us that, even in our best efforts, we still are divided by our pasts and the efforts to make ammends for that past. We must move on and work, over the next many generations, to wipe clean the slate of hatred, guilt, shame and stereotypes. Mamet in his work has shown us where we are at the present by using broad strokes and over-the-top comments. Each one of our psyche’s is comprised of elements, bits and pieces, of what he has said. He is in a comical way showing us where we have failed and challenging us to go forth and do better.

    On a lighter note regarding the play, I too thought that James Spader and David Alan Grier were brilliant in their respective roles. Their performances alone are worth the price of admission but, unlike some critics, I find Mamet’s words to be worthy also…if only one takes the time to think about them.

    I admire your response to the rantings of a lunatic (when I read things like this it makes me ashamed to be caucasian) and look forward to reading your blog on a regular basis.

  4. PS…please forgive my spelling and punctuation mistakes in my previous post. I did not proof read my comments prior to posting…ugh!

  5. Ah, yes. Our collective asses will be kicked. Ahem. I do believe the insANE asylum has relocated….

  6. glad you posted the comment because it is a wake-up call and reminder to those of who don’t see everything in black and white or gay and non-gay to remember that not everyone else thinks the way we do.

    sorry you had to hear that crap though!

  7. Thanks so much for this post. It is, indeed, a necessary reminder. Hope the writing is going well.

  8. me – very jealous that Patricia Smith comments on yr blog.

    ok on to the topic –

    What I don’t understand is how with all the hating these folks are supposed to be doing, they have time to sit behind a monitor and read blogs. Cyberthugging is so 90s.

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