MFA Thesis Diary #6: Work isn’t the Enemy

I just finished working on the 32nd poem I’ve written for this manuscript. With each poem, I marvel at the ways words arrange and re-arrange themselves to create new meanings and revive old ghosts. Even more impressive is that two weeks into what already promises to be the busiest semester yet, I’ve realized that being busy actually inspires me to write more frequently. That’s right. Grading papers, reading 2 four hundred page books on Ralph Ellison at once, attending workshop, teaching, and whatever else I do in a given day has resulted in me writing more often & better. In fact, I’m writing almost every day.

During the summer, when I had all the time in the world (it seemed), I wrote every 3 or 4 days. A caveat: writing more frequently doesn’t always translate into better writing, but as I work on this manuscript, it’s helpful for the space between efforts to be minimal. I want these poems to speak to each other. I want the overall project to be a dialogue of sorts. By making the effort to write every day, I increase the likelihood that one poem takes over where another one left off.

I would love to blog more about this epiphany, but I have papers to grade..


10 responses to “MFA Thesis Diary #6: Work isn’t the Enemy

  1. You better go with that productivity!!! I’m the same way. Give me free time and I will use it! lol So is there a set number of poems (like 48) that says the thesis is done or is it a feeling that you/thesis committee have that makes it done? Or is it a certain page count? I hope that makes sense.

  2. I hope that when I become busy I am able to do what you’re doing. And that’s just the regular amount of business I expect, which should be nothing like the ridiculous amount of busy you are describing. haha

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