Links: Because I Haven’t Forgotten You


Using a comic book to portray the civil war in Uganda.

Actor Doug Spearman thinks racism in the gay community is worse than it was in the 1980s (& I’m inclined to agree.)

You’ve got to read this poem by Jon Swan.

Richard Newman goes between the sheets with his readers, pun intended.

Renee Simms on what HBO’s The Wire taught her about writing.


2 responses to “Links: Because I Haven’t Forgotten You

  1. Kick-ass post, amazing looking website, added it to my favs!

  2. Kick Ass? You mean Kiss ass? How can any fool call this black supremacist kow towing anything but…Yes its propaganda of racism…to kick white ass, kiss black ass, cringe before black racist thugs, swoon before the black criminal who stole the white house?
    All you scum who lick up black spittle will soon know what kick ass really is.
    So many of us despise, you lying little despots and hypocvritical two-faced extensions of all you claim to be against, hate you even more!
    Now the insane racist, black racists, are in charge of the insANE asylum. Each of you deserve the ass kicking you will receive.
    Me? I’ll kick YOUR black supremacist commie ass , ideologically and publicly.
    Your days of tyranny are numbered .

    Bring it on snake!

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