of Drama Queens & Incendiary Women: a few queer poems

I need to do this more often. One of the goals of this blog is to introduce you, my lovely readers, to queer poets you haven’t slept with read, as of yet. Here’s some work by poets from all over the place, now & then, gay & lesbian.

D.A. Powel: “confessions of a teenage drama queen”

I was a male war bride.   I was a spy
so I married an axe murderer.   I married Joan
I married a monster from outer space

I am guilty, I am the cheese, I am a fugitive from a chain gang
maybe I’ll come home in the spring.   I’ll cry tomorrow
whose life is it anyway?   it’s a wonderful life

C.P. Cavafy: “In Despair” & 2 other poems

He’s lost him utterly,      as if he’d never been.
In his imagination,      in his hallucinations
in the lips of other youths      he seeks the lips of that one;
He wishes that he might      feel his love again.

Adrienne Rich: “Powers of Recuperation”

She’s old, old, the incendiary

endless beginner

whose warped wraps you shall find in graves
and behind glass plundered

Randall Mann: “The End of Landscape”

…I watch the man I love watch

the turn of the Sacramento River, then Sacramento,

lit city of legislation and flat land.

I think of Florida, how flat.
I think of forgetting Florida.
And then the landscape grows black.



One response to “of Drama Queens & Incendiary Women: a few queer poems

  1. Dear Saeed

    Wonderful post.

    I hope you will seek out my poems, especially my newest book.: The Beautiful Tendons. The publisher is no longer publishing it – Ouf of Print with them – but I think Amazon has it, and so do I.

    Take care,

    Jeffery Beam

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