MFA Thesis Diary #1

This September, I will start my 2nd year in the MFA program at Rutgers University – Newark, which is to say, I will be neck-deep in the process of writing my thesis. All programs are different, I know, but at RN, the thesis (for poets) is a collection of 45-60 polished poems.

Thanks to professors like Rigoberto Gonzalez, Rachel Hadas, and Tayari Jones, I spent last year exploring different approaches to poetry. I’ve used my summer vacation to zero in on my voice as a poet & have started working on the thesis as a concrete goal. Today, I decided that I will start to blog regularly about this process. To avoid being a hot mess, I will restrain myself from talking about specific poems, but I will discuss the ups & downs that are sure to come.

Hopefully, these posts will be helpful to current & prospective MFA students who are curious about the process as well as all writers. It will certainly be helpful for me to be able to meditate on the experience. So, wish me luck because it’s about to get REAL.

Photo 30


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