2 poems, a story, and a great article.

Occasionally, I am going to post links to poems (and maybe a poetic story)  that have been published in online lit mags. I think the best way to evaluate the future of literary magazines and the internet (my obsession, lately) is to see what’s actually being published.

And here we go:

2 Poems

Neighbor Curse by Carrie Oeding appears in the current issue of StorySouth. The poem is delicious and southern as all get out. Go here to read it and find out about the curse.

Shadow Weight by Jonathan Rice appears in the current issue of The Big Ugly Review (what a great name). The issue’s theme is “Fight or Flight” and Rice uses it to powerful effect. Go here to learn what it’s like to grow up with guns, lots of guns.

A Story

I read “13 Crimes Against Love, or, the Crow’s Confession” a few years back in the (now defunct) Lodestar Quarterly. Lodestar was an online lit mag that featured gay writing of the highest order so it’s really a shame to have lost it. Fortunately, you can still read through all of its archives, which is totally awesome. Chee’s story is well.. scandalous and more poetic than a lot of poems I’ve been reading lately. Go here to learn why the Crow is black.

And finally, a Great Article.

The NYTimes has an article and slideshow (don’t you just love slideshows?) about artists who are not only dealing with the recession, but doing better because of it. It’s a great read and goodness knows we could use the optimism. Go here to get you some inspiration.


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