Replies to @Those of Us Who Tweet

Immediately after I put up the post @Those of Us Who Tweet, it occurred that I hadn’t actually asked twitter poets themselves for their thoughts on twitter and poetry. So, I asked them to respond to the following question (in 140 characters or less, of course): Why are you a poet who tweets?

@AnnMarieEldon: I love edge-forms of communication right now tweeting is that and until it is supplanted by holograms in my house it’ll suffice.

@alexdimitrov: I tweet because I believe Twitter is the new American haiku. And who can say so little, yet so much, but a poet?

@ckrawitz: i’m still thinking on it for you, although i was tempted to just reply “a tweet is a tweet is a tweet”

@CollinKelly: Because I’m looking to connect with other poets & this is a handy, simple way to stay in touch and exchange links & ideas

@memali:It’s a fun way to connect with others and I enjoy reading the lines of poetry poets post as well as seeing what they’re up to.

@ckrawitz: b/c i get streams of proclamations, edited & unedited news, pop culture ~ immediacy & release that is ugly & ravishing & witty


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