I’m From Driftwood… Er, Memphis…

Nathan Manske, a Texas native, recently created a website called I’m From Driftwood. The site has a very simple premise. In his own words, it features “stories from gay people all over the world.” Each entry starts with the person’s name and where they are from. Usually, the stories are presented in the written form, but lately Nathan has started collecting video stories. It’s a great project and you should go here to find out more if you’re interested.

Recently, Nathan interviewed me for one of his video stories. And here it is:


2 responses to “I’m From Driftwood… Er, Memphis…

  1. Wow Saeed! What a heartwarmer! So honest and moving in the best way 🙂

  2. You are still the best person with the best words put together in the best way . . . grilled to perfection, My Home Skillet!

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