Some Links to Get Us Through the Week

Fortunately, I just turned in my final project for the semester. After I’m done grading papers, I can breathe again. For many of many friends, though, Finals are in full swing – and it’s rough. Here are some links to help get through them all get through the week.

(Stay strong, people.)


So, when I finished watching the final season of The Wire, I knew things would never be the same again. Fortunately, people continue to recognize what an amazing show it was. This article focuses on its ground breaking depiction of gays & lesbians in urban communities.

If you’re a fan of the legendary character Omar, check this out.

If you’re a writer in need of some creative inspiration, Poets & Writers asked some featured authors to talk about whatever inspires them to write – books, art, movies, etc. It’s pretty great.

I’m a big fan of the TED conference. I’m a big fan of Sarah Jones (and her award-winning one woman show Bridge & Tunnel). So, you can only imagine how much I love her lecture at TED. There’s nothing else to say: just watch it.


And finally, if you’re in the mood for some realness, Sandra Cisneros sends the Keep-It-Real-O-Meter off the chart.


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