Shout Out: Caleb Das on How to Save Lit Mags


Caleb Das, a fellow student in the Rutgers-Newark MFA program, recently had an article published in the Huffington Post regarding the challenges being faced by literary mags and what we can do to save them. Great guy. Great article.

Here’s a just a taste:

Getting people to click the first time is easy. Getting them to click again is hard. The reality is websites have to constantly stay in controlled flux. Books and newspapers are physical products but websites aren’t. Literary sites shouldn’t behave as if they are nor should they reduce themselves to an archive. That’s something most literary magazines don’t get. Yet. Given how most of them are staffed by student volunteers who are themselves starved for time and attention, it’s a natural problem.

Go to HuffPo to read more AND obsess over Michelle Obama’s fashion choices. (Really, no one loves Mrs. Obama’s wardrobe more than HuffPo.. well, and me.)


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