Thank Goodness That’s Over…


I’ll be honest.   The above picture really has no relation to anything in this post. I saw it the other day and am still creeped out.  I don’t want to suffer alone. Look at it and join me in horror. On the bright side, any and all references to Dubya’s kisses are past tense.

Kudos to the city of Montclair for making a bid to save the Dodge Poetry Festival!

“We can save this festival,” said Hartnett, who will give the Dodge team a tour of the downtown next week. “The Dodge is a festival of national if not international re nown. We consider ourselves among the premier arts communities in New Jersey … and we want to build on that.”

In January, the foundation announced it would not present the 2010 festival because the recent market meltdown caused its net assets to drop by one-third, to about $210 million.

Also, kudos to Claire Watkins, a 24 year old MFA Student at the Ohio State University ,who’s essay “Keeping It in the Family” currently appears in Granta online. The first two sentences are a whopper:

My father first came to Death Valley because Charles Manson told him to. He always did what Charlie said; that was what it meant to be in The Family.

Read it and weep.


2 responses to “Thank Goodness That’s Over…

  1. that photo is seriously creepy.

    if anyplace in NJ can save the dodge festival, it’s Montclair!

  2. That photographs makes me feel so ill. He is gone, but what a predicament he has left behind. Thank you for pointing to the above essay, I am once again reacquainted with Granta.

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