AWP Highlights…


I just counted and thanks to the AWP Bookfair, I have 14 new books that I can’t wait to read. (Well, technically I read A. Van Jordan’s “Macnolia” when I was in the 10th grade, but it’s worth a second gander.) I will be doing mini-reviews of books I’m reading from now on so be on the look out.

Okay, here are the highlights:

  • – Getting dating advice from Patricia Smith.  —  “Saeed, baby, we need to teach you subtlety.”
  • – Hearing Kwame Dwawes read from Wisteria and Brian Turner read from Here, Bullet. (Ironically, I wasn’t able to buy these books at the fair. I will have to track them down on Amazon.)
  • – Getting to meet so many people from the Cave Canem family. (Don’t forget the application deadline for the retreat is quickly approaching.)
  • – Seeing friends from WKU (Dale Rigby, Stephanie Yourokus, Dan Johnson, etc.)
  • – Discovering that Jaime Karnes and I are, in fact, Thelma and Louise.
  • – Meeting Kim Addonizio on the dance floor, for real.
  • – Actually the dance floor itself was a highlight. Mari-Elizabeth Mali and Mary Biddinger know how to throw down.
  • – The panel on Changing Narratives in African-American Poetry blew my mind.
  • – Feeling the love at the Lambda Literary Foundation Reading.
  • – Jericho Brown’s hotel room party.

2 responses to “AWP Highlights…

  1. Can’t wait to hit the dance floor with you again! I can’t believe I missed Jericho’s party—it was on my floor of the Hilton. Sheesh.

  2. Wish I could have been there. It all sounds wonderful!

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