Tough Encouragement For Writing

We all have our ups and downs, especially when it comes to producing work we are happy with. This past week or so, I had what I like to call a min-writer’s block. I get them from time to time, usually when I’ve been writing about the same subject matter over and over again. Instead of freaking out, I tried to find other things to do, to experience. I went to the NY Comedy Festival and a rooftop party in Tribeca. It’s not that I was looking to distract myself so much as to find new things to think about and eventually write about. And it paid off. Tonight, I sat down at my desk and the words just started flowing.

Anyway, in that spirit I wanted to share an excerpt from a poem by Charlotte Delbo called “Prayer to the Living to Forgive Them for Being Alive” —

I beg you
do something
learn a dance step
something to justify your existence
something that gives you the right
to be dressed in your skin in your body hair
learn to walk and to laugh
because it would be too senseless
after all
for so many to have died
while you live
doing nothing with your life


One response to “Tough Encouragement For Writing

  1. The mini-block happens from time to time in all people. I believe it has o do with setting limitations and expectations… what’s all work with no play?

    This poem is beautiful. Sometimes the most profound messages are in the simplest of words.

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